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 Paws Away Boarding Kennels



Veterinary Nurse on premises

Dog Chauffeur Service

Special diets catered for


Swimming Facilities available (off site)

Qualified Groomer available by Appointment

One on One playtime

Secure Kennels

Air conditioned &

Heated Kennels

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5.Can I bring my dog's own bedding and toys ?

Yes, you may bring their own bedding and toys. Although we ask for no bean bag beds or toys. We supply a hammock bed with dry bed (sheepskin) and a wooden deck bed.

 6. Do you give discount for multiple dogs or long stays ?

Yes, we discount multiple dogs from the same family and long stays ( over 4 weeks).

7.How often is my dog exercised ?

All dogs are exercised twice to three times daily in our yards for a period of 30 minutes each. There is a choice of grassed or concrete yards. During this time we play with your dog but they are not socialized with other dogs (unless from the same family). This is also dependant on the weather.

2. How often will you feed my dog ?

On arrival we ask your dog's daily feeding routine. We will feed your dog as you would at home, once, twice or three times daily. We feed a variety of brands and diets on request.

3.What if my dogs require's urgent Veterinary treatment while boarding ?

We will contact yourself and your own Veterinary Clinic which is on your registration form. If they are unable to see your dog we will use our local Veterinary Clinic. Outside of Veterinary hours we will use a 24 hour Emergency Service.

4. What if my dog is on medication ?

We will administer all medications that are prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon. They must be accompanied by a written plan from your Vet and all labels are to be legible. 

1. Does my dog need to be vaccinated ?

Yes, all dogs that board are required to have a C5 vaccination ( Distemper, Hepatitis,Parvovirus and Kennel Cough), which is up to date. When you arrive we will ask you to show us proof of vaccination. You may also arrange with your Vet to e-mail the certificate directly to us.

Frequently Asked Questions